Our Industry Expertise

Boardroom Communications is proud to serve a variety of clients with experience and expertise. Our talented publicists cover a wide spectrum of industries and we have been successful at promoting and publicizing our clients and their accomplishments throughout the media.

From real estate to retail, from law firms to accounting firms, from education to non-profits, Boardroom Communications has consistently placed its clients in the forefront of the media. Whether it's a new product roll-out or a successful legal case, the public knows about it. We use print media, television and radio, on line media and social media to make sure the news is spread out in the most comprehensive and impactful way.

Professionals in industries across the state and across the country have turned to Boardroom Community.

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We increase your community profile
We increase your online visibility
We boost your horsepower
We make you famous
We put you in the media
We keep you on the radar
screens of those who count
We give you a competitive edge
We build your brand
We make our connections
your connections
We protect your reputation