Bridging the gap between high-tech and high-touch is a formidable task.

At Boardroom Communications, we are experts at walking that fine line.

Our healthcare experience is broad and deep, running the gamut from individual hospitals to physician group practices and medical billing and staffing companies to healthcare insurance practices and medical imaging companies.

We are experts at securing media coverage to build medical brands and enhance physicians' reputations. And with our background of local, regional and national media outreach efforts in more than 25 medical specialties, we have become a go-to firm in the medical arena that can hit the ground running.

Our diverse healthcare clients, past and present, include:

  • Hospitals
    • Tenet Healthcare, Inc. - South Florida Region (10 hospitals)
    • Baptist Hospital
    • South Miami Hospital
    • Homestead Hospital
    • Phoenix Physicians (ER staffing company)


  • Physician Practices
    • Adler Facial Plastic Surgery
    • Allan D. Gross DDS
    • Anesthesia Pain Care Consultants
    • Asthma & Immunology Associates
    • Capitalized Health Care Services 
    • Douglas Mental Health 
    • Dr Stefan Weiss
    • Dr Brad Goldstein
    • Dr Peter Merkle
    • Ft. Lauderdale Eye Institute
    • Institute for Behavioral Sciences
    • Integrated Medicine for Prevention
    • Palm Beach Fertility Center
    • Park Creek Surgery Center
    • Pediatric Associates
    • Plantation Nursing and Rehab Center
    • Plastic Surgery Assoc of Miami
    • Skin & Cancer Associates
    • South Florida Cardiology Associates
    • The Eye Center


  • Medical Business
    • Avisena
    • PhyTrust


  • Health Related Non-Profits
    • YMCA of Broward County
    • Darrell Gywnn Foundation 
    • Family Resource Center of Miami-Dade
    • National MS Society
    • American Cancer Society "Jail ‘n Bail"
    • Margaux's Miracle
    • Mercedes Benz Corporate Run


  • Miscellaneous
    • Weston Outpatient Center
    • Innovative Medical Imaging
    • Midtown Imaging
    • Dr. Steven Schnur (The Reality Diet)

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