Corporate & Financial Communications

Delivering a clear, consistent message to a targeted market of investors is essential to the strategic communications process.

Upon the founding of Boardroom Communications in 1989, Julie Silver Talenfeld was already experienced at taking companies public and handling communications with Wall Street and shareholders. She did work for a large, regional brokerage firm, and was charged with promoting the stocks of small- and medium-sized public companies via media and investor relations and financial communications. In the last 20 years, Boardroom has handled publicity for several IPOs, secondary offerings, financings, annual meetings, investor conferences, and so on.

Boardroom is proud of its financial communications team, which also includes COO Don Silver, Senior VP Caren Berg, and Vice President, Jennifer Clarin. Each of them understands the responsibilities and SEC requirements that public companies must follow. They routinely work with CEOs, CFOs, SEC counsel and company auditors to ensure that messaging points are properly communicated in conjunction with compliance requirements.

"Put your best face forward"

An effective investor relations program is a continuous company branding process. Boardroom can provide strategies and coaching on topics such as message development and speech writing to ensure your corporate vision is projected clearly and consistently. We help clients target and attract investors, generate significant media coverage of events and programs as well as produce corporate communications vehicles that are compelling and valuable.

Our services include:

  • Media relations
  • Financially-oriented letters and press releases
  • Investor relations support
  • Investor conference presentations
  • Speech writing
  • Annual report writing
  • Website management

Boardroom has proven experience.

  • We give our clients an edge when competing for visibility in a tight market.
    • We have worked closely with the investor relations council.
    • We understand the sensitivity and legality of working with public companies. Several past and present clients include:
      • Dreams, Inc.
      • BankAtlantic Bancorp (link to banking and finance case study under our industry expertise section)
      • Sound Advice (link to case study as above)
      • Jamba Juice
      • Ladenburg Thalmann - investment bank
  • We will shape and manage perceptions of your company, utilizing modes of communications such as advertising, direct marketing initiatives and media relations.

We'll get you ready to go public

Going public is one of the most important events in a company's history. We can help companies understand and work through the critical process of going public to ensure success.

  • Bulletin board companies
  • New York Stock Exchange

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