Media Training

Put your best face forward while providing the media with what they need.

For executives who need advice or help working with reporters, Boardroom Communications provides media training to increase their comfort level and help smooth the way for interviews. Boardroom conducts individual and small group executive coaching headed by a former television news veteran, Todd Templin.

In most instances, we provide a list of anticipated questions and the angle of a story to help you prepare, and utilize custom case studies and mock crisis situations. We provide insights into media personnel, including likes, dislikes and risk areas. We help executives understand the media's role, their idiosycrancies, and what they're looking for. Based upon that environment, we train them to create and prioritize their messaging points, and show them how to convey their message in such a manner that there's a high probability it will be used.

We believe working with the media provides opportunities, but also believe there's inherent risk in doing so. We guide you through the minefields. Our services include on-camera interviews, wardrobe consulting, and mannerism and voice coaching.

Representative assignments have included:

  • Executive management team of a major hospital system
  • CEOs of large financial institutions
  • Litigation attorneys with major cases
  • CEOs and Executive Directors of several not-for-profit organizations
  • Airport public information officers
  • Political candidates
  • Book authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Clergy

While Boardroom handles media training for large institutions, we also regularly provide coaching to every client, executives and middle-management alike.

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