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In today's marketing arena, there's no such thing as "traditional" public relations. Press releases and announcements are written as much for search engines and "crawlers" as they are editors and producers. Our clients must be noticed. It's our job to use every tool and adapt to every technology to make that happen. Boardroom Communications writes for the Web - and encourages clients' appropriate use of social media.

Boardroom Communications utilizes the breadth and scope of Internet marketing and social media applications to ensure our clients' Web-based communications receive as much traffic, as many hits, and as great of visibility as possible.

Boardroom Communications' copywriters are versed in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). We confer with clients on effective and appropriate industry key words and meta tags, use the analytical applications and keyword tools to deliver Web traffic and improved branding. We infuse press releases with this language and wordplay, creating attractive bait for the search engines.

We also utilize social media tools to increase clients' influence across relevant markets and media - whether for B2C or B2B audiences. We develop link building campaigns to draw traffic from synergistic bloggers and media outlets. Among the services we recommend, based on specific client needs, are:

Implemented wisely, online marketing creates compelling results - strengthening "traditional" communications with a digitally delivered message that engages viewers and empowers the brand.

Boardroom Communications provides clients with the information needed to analyze key word and phrase buys and make educated decisions on spending. RealTime reporting on campaigns statistics such as visits, costs, conversion types you deem important including web events and phone calls, cost per lead (CPL), sales and return on ad spend (ROAS) statistics are part of the service.

We take a wider approach to reporting by providing key charts and graphs that allow clients to gauge what effect these campaigns have on client business. These reports can determine key drivers, response rates, times and points of origin, with the click of a mouse.

Our technology tools and advanced customized dashboard-like management reports help clients make better choices that enable them to get a heightened return on investment and a true competitive edge.

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